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Tips and guidelines to optimize your performance experience

(1) Warm up thoroughly from lip buzzing, tonguing, flexibility, range and scales. PLAY from your lowest notes to your highest in your warm up. If someone handed you a lead to a Basie chart you should be able to play it easily after your warm up! The idea is: You should be able to PERFORM after your warm up. Make sure you do it correctly!

(2) Prepare the piece over many months, practice the hard parts completely until your lips and muscle memory can do it automatically.

(3) Practice the entire piece and be able to play it to 'performance standards' 3 times in a row.

(4) Performance Day - About 1.45 hours before the performance, you should begin air exercises. One and a half hours before the performance, play pedal tones on the mouthpiece for about a half hour. Slowly get the lips moving and allow for plenty of rest time. RESIST the urge to play high. By the end of this time your lips a pliable mush. Completely and Totally relaxed. An hour before the concert, get the horn and begin to play long tones, consciously going for the richest, warmest tone. Next, concentrate on tonguing and flexibility. Finally, as stated before, you need to warm up in the upper register to PERFORM in the upper register. Play various sections to gain confidence, without over practicing.

(5) Mental Preparation
If you have practiced the piece and are prepared to perform, these are some quotes that will have a deep mental impact. As you prepare for your performance, say
many times to yourself:
  • I will perform and play to the best my ability.
  • I can’t wait to show my expertise on the trumpet.
  • I know I play well and now is the time to show it.
  • I’m excited about this opportunity to make music and create musical experiences for others.
  • I am satisfied with myself and who I am
Warm up the body/mind and your performance will shine.

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