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We have been a very popular site for trumpet players at all levels since 1996. Learn How to Play The Trumpet! Browse the free articles and check out the various resources.
My Goal:
I want to help you live and reach your trumpet playing dreams through articles, tips books, sheet music, mouthpieces, CD's and equipment ~ Mr. Droste
This is a great resource site for all trumpet players. Above, in the menu, are links to a variety of articles to improve your playing, along with a mouthpiece selection guide. (All of theWeb Articles are included in Chapter 10 of the Ultimate Warm-Up Book.) Here you will find trumpet midi files, free trumpet finger chart, free trumpet piano and trumpet blank score, free trumpet quintet blank sheet music. I have also reviewed new and used trumpets for those interested in purchasing a horn in the future. Take a look at the perming tips, and lip buzzing articles that will help with performing and richness of sound. For those learning how to play the trumpet, check out the beginner trumpet method books, on the the method books page.
Have Fun - Practice - Perform!
Enjoy playing the best musical instrument ever invented! :)

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